Nov 11, 2022 • 49M

#141: Build_Cities, The Network State and Startup Cities Ecosystem with Angelo Alessio

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Conversations between global citizens on culture observation, digital transformation and self-actualisation. Host Camellia Yang, a Chinese New Zealander, interviews people she met on her digital nomad journey who are on a unique path to creating a better future and shares the lessons and tips they learned. Season One (1 - 111 episodes) is in Chinese. Season Two (112 episodes - current) is in English.
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My guest today is Angelo Alessio. He is the co-founder and protocol architect at, which allows anyone in web3 to overlay their digital communities on top of existing cities.

We discussed:

  1. What is the build_cities? What are the four phases of building this protocol for startup cities?  ****

  2. How build_cities can facilitate an online community for meetups and crowdfunding IRL?

  3. What are the three types of startup cities?

  4. In build_cities, why keep the current city maps rather than disrupt the old ones to build something from scratch?

  5. How does Angelo meet his co-founders and work remotely building this project?

  6. What is the biggest lesson Angelo learned from his US army time?

  7. How do we define an MVC (Minimum Viable City)? Is there a city blueprint IRL build_cities would like to follow?

  8. Share some other projects in the Network State dashboard

  9. The biggest roadblock that prevents building build_cities.

  10. How can people get involved in build_cities?

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