Kia Ora, 你好 and Hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Newsletter.

I’m your writer Camellia Yang. Below is a quick bio about me.

🎙  Host a show @Chiwi Journal Podcast

📖  Read poetries @A Paradise of Poems

🧑‍🎓  Run a bilingual community CY Circle Discord

🀄️  Translated Beyond Order and Your Music and People in Chinese (next up: The Network State)

📚  Wrote a novel about identity & self-exploration: The Invisible Third Culture Adult 

💼  Ex-journalist and corporate marketing/comms consultant

🌊  Flowist, voracious readerlifelong learner and digital nomad

💕 Camellia Yang User Manual

🇨🇳 Made in China 🇳🇿 Assembled in NZ  🇬🇧 Delivered in the UK ♾️ Unpacked in metaverse

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Camellia Yang